This ┬áis a place for me to write about what’s happening in the world and relating this to academic stuff that I am reading at that point in time. Hopefully they will come together to make a bit of sense of the event and dig a little deeper into social theory in an accessible manner. Subjects that interest me are sport, politics, technology and education.

The name of the blog, sozialromantiker is taken from a protest group of fans from the German football club St Pauli of Hamburg. If you haven’t heard of St Pauli, they are not your average football club. Linked extensively to the community, their supporters are left wing anarchists and punks. The fans stand against fascism, racism, sexism and homophobia. The sozialromantiker group set up protests against the club’s commercial activities which were seen as ‘selling out’ against the ‘mythos’ of the club. It’s a constant tension that makes the club so interesting, remaining the pirates and punks of German football while attempting to be financially stable and progress. To think romantically about society seems a pretty good idea to me.

I am a part time postgraduate researcher at the University of Birmingham. My research interests are education, technology and sociology.